8%Pray to god or wait out the illness! you might have personally encountered these type of personalities amongst your friends or kith and kin.They do not believe in the practice of medicine and refuse to take any medical assistance when they fall sick,instead they rely on praying or getting well with home remedies even when they are getting more sick!

This is a 50/50 scenario where in they might get well or land up at the Doctor!

25% Go to a Doctor and get a Prescription. Even here only 50% visit an Allopathic Doctor and the rest visit RMP's and Ayush Doctor's.

22% Go to a Pharmacy and ask for medicines out of past experience/expired Prescription or after an Internet search!! These are the “smart” ones! For example, they might have visited a Doctor for a sore throat, got diagnosed and given a Prescription by the Doctor which might have an Antibiotic and a pain killer. They usually will never ever again visit the Doctor for sore throat and instead go to Pharmacy and buy the same Antibiotic and painkiller without the Doctor’s Prescription.

45% Go to a Pharmacy and request medicines from the salesman at the Pharmacy counter!!!

This is the most widely prevalent problem. In India the majority of the Pharmacies are manned by sales personnel with a non Pharmacy background. When you take medicines from these sources you are exposing yourself to immense Health risks.


Decrease in sales

Pharmacists are forced to dispense medicines without a Prescription because of competition. If they insist, the customer will buy the same from a nearby Pharmacy who might not insist on a Prescription. This is causing revenue loss to the Pharmacies who are dispensing medicines without a Prescription.

Regulations - Pharmacies are under increasing regulatory pressure. The proposed E-Portal rules which demand that the Pharmacies must upload the sales and Prescriptions on a daily basis to the E-Portal. This will put an additional burden.