Taking schedule H drugs [antibiotics, pain killers etc] without an Allopathic Doctor’s Prescription is dangerous to your health. WHO[ World Health Organization] and the Ministry of Health after considerable research have placed these drugs in Schedule H list.

Side effects - There are many seen and unseen side effects, both short term and long term which will cause enormous damage to your Health and Organs if taken for considerable duration of time. For example, injudicious consumption of painkillers will lead to gastric/duodenal ulcers And over a period of time will cause irreversible damage to your kidneys!

Antibiotic resistance - Indiscriminate consumption of Antibiotics in India is leading to the emergence of superbugs which are resistant to all known Antibiotics. A day might come when a simple cut might cause a severe infection.

Addiction to painkillers / cough syrups - The availability of the above mentioned drugs freely to the general consumer is a rampant malady which has to be brought under control as soon as possible.

The last but the most important of all!!

Delayed Diagnosis and Delayed Treatment - Taking OTC Medicines for common cold and flu is an accepted practice but most consumers also take inappropriate Antibiotics and painkillers which mask the symptoms and cause a delay in diagnosis and associated delay in treatment which in some cases might lead to fatalities and increased duration of illness.