Whenever you or your near ones fall sick, or you need to refill your Prescription you can walk into your trusted neighborhood Pharmacy and ask for an instant video consultation with a Doctor. Most Pharmacies are hardly 5 -10 minutes away from most residences.


If you are new to Vidmed, your Pharmacist will do an initial registration, Find out your chief complaint and suggest a Vidmed Doctor who is an expert in that speciality and initiate the video consultation.


Vidmed Doctor will do a comprehensive consultation, make the right diagnosis and Prescribe you the most effective medicines for your illness.


The Prescription is sent you as a SMS and also to your Email and also stored in Vidmed database for future reference. The same Prescription is also sent to your Pharmacist a SMS/Email. This ensures that the Pharmacist dispenses medicines on Prescription basis only.

The Pharmacist after receiving the Prescription will dispense the medicines to you and you can walk away a happy person with a Doctor consultation, medicines and on the way to good health all in the space of 10 minutes and 10 minutes away from your home!!

After you reach home, a Vidmed service representative will call you and explain you about the medications/tests and future visits if required.

The Pharmacist has a record of your medications and will now also home deliver to you whenever you require.

Advice/Second opinion- Vidmed Doctors can also give you expert advice/second opinion for all your health related queries.

A Solution for all Primary Care Illnesses