VidMed – Mobile Teleconsultation Solution

Dr.Praveen’s 2 decades of management experience in designing IT application for Healthcare have made Vidmed Application,Super user friendly for the Pharmacist, Customer and Doctor.

VidMed is an innovative Android based mobile application provides the Tele Consultation services to the needy patients at the Pharmacy or Diagnostic lab. Whenever a Patient walks into a Medical store or Diagnostic Lab, based on any of below needs, like,

• Purchase of Only-By-Prescription Drugs thru an e-prescription

• Need for patient to consult a General Physician or Doctor

• Need for a patient to interpret the details of a Medical Diagnosis report

Pharmacist or Lab Technician enable video call and connects the patient to a Medical Doctor, using VidMed - Telemedicine Software application

Technology Differentiators

Built on cutting-edge technologies like Android for Modularity, Scalability, Rich User Experience, Advanced Analytics for Disease Demographics and Patient Demographics

Advanced Audio and Video communication between doctor and patient in a network with less than 1Mbps bandwidth connection

Advance compression algorithms for Audio/Video transmission

Bluetooth integration with diagnostic devices

Application developed using HIPPA standards (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, USA)

Integrated Telecare suite with Patient health information, clinical evidence and clinical decision support tools

VidMed Application Technology & Server Architecture

The solution has been built on Android platform which enables working on mobile phones / tablets.

Below diagram provides detailed overview of VidMed Application Server Architecture

Pharmacies using VidMed application shall be connected with a Central server where in details for registered users are stored in the form of Electronic Health Record

Doctors can access the Medical records of Patients through central server and shall provide tele consultation through central server

Key Differentiators

Knowledge Base: Created with inputs from expert Healthcare and Technical professionals having over three decades of experience in the Healthcare Industry

Replicability across Platforms: (Mobile, Web, SMS) – constantly expanding the VidMed platform to further support the patients and their relationship with healthcare providers

Instant Service: As patients can avail Doctor consultation from Pharmacy or Diagnostic Lab, patients need not travel to visit Private Hospitals, thereby save time and money

The services delivered through Telemedicine Mobile App are:

Provisioning Tele-consultation where in doctor reviews patient’s complaints and prescribe on the plan of care

Facility to capture Vitals like Blood Pressure and Temperature using Bluetooth devices and display at Doctor’s end

Patient Registration is done with unique Identification (UID) where in patient demographic, contact details are captured

Entire details of examination, treatment prescribed by the Doctor are recorded in electronic format under Electronic Health Record (EHR) of Patient

Prescription is sent over E-mail and as a Message on Mobile phone to both Patient and Pharmacist

Prescriptions will be configured to the system and the timely alerts will be forwarded to Patient and Pharmacist on refill of drugs

Process Flow at Pharmacy Stores